Realization of Low Cost

Eliminating the use of welding,
which is a unique process, and
manufacturing in one-piece molding
minimizes inspection costs.
Patent pending.

Realization of Quick Delivery

We have developed a production method
with excellent mass-production performance
to shorten the production period.
Mass production will be possible in the future.

Propellant Tank Specification

Setting ItemsTank CapacityTank Diameter Note)1Structural EfficiencyPV/WApplicable FluidPressure Resistance
Delivery Date
BTO5~250[L]φ150~φ420[mm]0.12~0.200.035~0.065Note)2Below 10MPaG
Within 3 months
Outsourced Development /
Custom Manufacturing
In the following cases, please get in touch with us for development and custom manufacturing.
- When the tank capacity, diameter, and pressure resistance exceed those above.
- When there is a request to install an internal device in the tank.
- When there is a request for cleanliness requirements.
Note 1) We can set it in increments of 50 mm.
Note 2) We will consider whether or not we have a track record and whether or not it is applicable upon request.
Note 3) Within the range of our test results.
Note 4) Detailed price is subject to change depending on tank size and test evaluation contents.